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  • March 16, 2021

Are you a holistic therapist? Have you found it difficult to succeed in your profession as a therapist? Has there been no regularity in your appointments? Don’t you earn enough to make a living from your profession? Yea? Then this text is for you!

The main motivation of a therapist is to have the life he loves most, working with what he likes. In this way, it moves towards self-realization while helping others in the search for balance.

But how to be a successful therapist in such a competitive environment today?

Entering the challenge of overcoming your own difficulties can lead the therapist to reach areas that he never imagined possible, to see his work grow and expand.

See below 7 attitudes to becoming a successful therapist

1. Disclosure

Disclosure of the services, courses and events you teach, investment in professional marketing is the first step for the therapist to be seen and be accessible to the arrival of clients.

Don’t skimp on advertising your space and even hire a professional who can help you produce content and develop, for example, a logo that reflects your therapeutic practice.

Another tip is to write for columns of newspapers and magazines, blogs and websites, thus creating a bond with potential customers.

2. Expansion

Don’t shut yourself up in your own world. Open your mind to new opportunities that arise and remember that they are the ones that will help you achieve the expected results.

Think big and don’t be afraid to dream big about your goals as a professional. Take a vote of confidence that you are capable of accomplishing what you set out to do, sustaining yourself by your self-esteem and self-knowledge.

3. Resilience

Don’t stop just because your calls have stagnated. Search, create and recreate new strategies for when something goes wrong, using your creativity to think of other ways to do what you are already doing, in addition to expanding your horizons.

4. Association

Join organizations that support you in terms of your technical capacity and experience. Validate your hours of experience while trying to grow, so that all the therapist’s baggage can contribute to your performance.

AHDE members gain international visibility, in addition to being able to register their courses with quality stamps so that their clients can have access to you and your content, and can feel confident when choosing you as a therapist.

5. Roles

Understand how your role as a therapist can be important in people’s lives. Assume yourself as a trained and serious therapist so that people can be helped by you and you can fulfill your mission.

6. Abundance

Assess your beliefs related to money and prosperity, see if abundance or lack is vibrating and redirect your positions if necessary. That way, beliefs will not block your prosperity.

Establish a fair exchange value for the services you provide so that you can successfully sustain yourself in the profession. Remember that the issue is not money, but how we relate to it. If we associate it with hard work and hard to achieve, we may have more difficulties than expected.

7. Experience

Transform your services into unique experiences, working from the best version of yourself and applying the techniques of your practice in the best way. Do not continue doing what you have always done, if the results are not coming. Modify your attitudes and create a format of your own in terms of service and language, bringing the bond with the client served closer.

And have you, a therapist, invested in new attitudes for the success of your practice?

Come and be one of our associate therapists! AHDE values ​​your work!



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