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  • March 8, 2021

Due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, many essential services such as health services were transferred, when possible, to remote services via the Internet.

In addition to the comfort of being served in their own home, the client finds space more easily in his agenda to participate in the therapeutic process, for example, since he saves as hours of transportation. Thus, taking the first step towards self-care is easier and more practical.

The contact with existential problems during this time of health crisis has directed many people to focus on self-knowledge and self-respect. Thus, migrating to online care when possible is a form of respect for the other’s self-care, when the latter seeks to prioritize their health, for example, preferring to remain at home.

But is it possible to perform online consultations in holistic therapies?

Virtual therapy

Online consultations guarantee discretion and comfort, since some people who seek alternative or complementary therapies do not want to identify because of shame or fear of being judged.

Types of therapy

Among the different types of therapeutic approaches and interventions, distance Reiki, meditation practices, herbal medicine, aromatherapy and Coaching are some of the practices that fit into the possibility of online holistic consultation.


Some scholars report that people beginning treatment practice started before the virtual transition tended to adapt more easily to the new modality. Therefore, when possible, start the attendance in person and make a transition according to the rhythm of the therapy and the client.


In the online mode, the same resources and the same quality of in-person service are used. The therapist must take into account this new way of receiving, even as feelings of common discomfort, bulletins in online consultations.


The main factor that predicts the possibility of effective results in different therapies is the relationship created between therapist and client. Although some people feel uncomfortable at first, the distance mediated by the computer screen is no obstacle to the development of the therapeutic bond. It is a question of adaptation and flexibility to continue the therapeutic process.


Through online platforms, the therapist is able to expand his connection with people who seek his assistance. Increased demand for services, practicality on a daily basis and greater reach are some of the basic benefits of serving at a distance.

With this resource, the client and the therapist do not waste time traveling to the consultation place and can, in some cases, participate in the consultations during trips, at alternative times or even during work breaks.


The virtual service modality gives a greater emotional opening in some people since they feel like manifesting themselves without worrying about who is on the other side of the screen.

So, yes, online assistance is possible and even recommended whenever possible in this historic moment. Take into account the priorities of the moment and maintain social distance whenever possible.

And remember: if you need to attend in person, be sure to follow the recommended safety measures!

Have you, a therapist, migrated to online appointments? How has it adapted?

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