It is not always clear how to start looking for a specific therapist for each case. The considerations can be many, so, look at some tips that can help you find your own!

How to accompany a therapist?

The first way to find a therapist is to ask for help from a doctor or other health professional who can refer you to serious and trustworthy professionals. Altogether, ask for referrals from friends or people you trust who will prove the services of the therapist you refer. Consult the locations that offer professional therapist training in your city or state, as these institutions can also connect you to therapists who are trained and not starting their careers, when you are more open to offering services of social value, if that is your necessity. Another way to find a therapist and get in touch with mental health centers in your community, it is possible that many therapists work together with professionals in these settings, in the form of a multidisciplinary team. Finally, help can be sought from community or religious institutions in the neighborhood itself.

Finding the therapist in the digital age

With the advancement of technology, the internet has facilitated access to many contents and connections. You can use the Internet to find therapists of various specialties, filtering by places closest to your city or, depending on the approach, even combining online services, as already seen in various digital platforms specific to therapeutic services. It is recommended to analyze the professional curriculum and follow the option that best suits your needs. If it is not understood to give therapy or enough for a companion, look for more information on the internet and read the comments of people who have already tried the therapy in question.

The digital age has also facilitated communication between therapists and clients. Through videoconferences, it is possible to meet professionals before an appointment, so that both can verify if the therapist’s approach is the most appropriate for the case. It is very useful to find therapists from different approaches and through platforms in counselors and associations in the therapeutic area, such as AHDE, where the client can seek a pool of professionals according to the therapist’s credentials, technical and practical experience.

What to consider when choosing a therapist?

At first, the companion or therapist must be taken into account and the problem or doubt that they want to work on must be defined. Select a few professionals, read their resume and professional attire, and look for contacts with others who will never visit the same therapists. Make time to talk as a therapist, so that you can get to know him so that, from there, you can value his empathy and the professional technical training that suits you.

When accompanying a therapist, also to focus on their technical qualification, it is necessary to call a kind of “affective chemistry”, that is, to realize that there is empathy on the part of the therapist or enough for the client to feel safe. treatment results.


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