Nowadays in the globalized world it is essential to expand contacts to new horizons, acquire new experiences and develop as a global citizen. The mentality has left the local country, and more and more people see themselves as citizens of the world. So, how is networking with other languages ​​and other cultures?

What is networking?

Networking is a word that comes from English, “net”, network, and “working”, work. Networking is a professional socioeconomic activity in which entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and professionals meet to form professional relationships and to recognize, create or act on job opportunities, information sharing and search for potential partners for future projects.

It is a way of connecting professional interests, bringing mutual professional benefits in the relationship, such as attracting new customers, sponsors or mentors to your business. Currently, there are companies that specialize in facilitating professional networking, and it is important to highlight that networking can be carried out in groups, although the most effective networking takes place between individuals, depending on their business and the prospect they seek to achieve.

Promoting yourself professionally is not something taught at universities. When meeting people with the same mentality, learning from their experiences and gaining tips and guidance on matters important to their professional growth, networking can be essential to boost the career of both a young professional and an experienced entrepreneur.

Globalization and networking

Since training and universities, the therapist or health professional is encouraged to be in contact with international literature, since not all training materials, even for example, in the area of ​​hypnosis, are not contained only in Portuguese.

The updated professional needs to understand that today the world works in a global way, and that the main means of communication between the world today is through the English language. Access to books, participation in professional updating events, exchange of experiences with professionals who work with other cultures and in other contexts will be an important differential in your career.

And to take that first step, it is essential to study! Invest in learning new languages ​​and so even your services can expand to this audience, starting to serve more nationalities.

Benefits for the therapist

The great advantage of being able to relate professionally in other languages ​​is to expand your reach and visibility beyond your country’s borders. It is always a two-way exchange, in which you learn while teaching. Each country has its own context and deals with health issues in a specific way, since each culture has a different view of the same demand, such as depression. Disorder shared by many people around the world, there is an increasing need for professional therapists who can contribute to meeting all this demand.

Learning a new language

There are a number of ways to learn a new language, from group courses to private lessons specific to the area in which you work. Between services, it is also possible to practice new languages ​​in free applications, easily installable on current smartphones.

Nowadays there is no excuse! Only those who do not have an interest in growth do not expand their own networking!


And you, professional therapist, what is your level of motivation to expand your business and your knowledge? Are you still restricted to your country?

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