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  • February 1, 2021

Having an international certification today can make a big difference in a therapist’s career.

You, professional therapist, who seeks to enhance your curriculum even more, cannot miss the opportunity to expand your practice to new frontiers.

Below are five ways in which international accreditation can leverage your potential and help you acquire a prominent position on the world stage:

International recognition of a therapist’s practices is essential when choosing a professional.

We are living at a time when society seeks to become aware of the structural problems to which we have been exposed over time.

Knowing your place of speech is essential to create rapport with the person treated, because today your client will seek therapists who are in contact with different cultural contexts and can assimilate the realities brought to therapy, whatever they may be.

New career opportunities and professional growth!

Validating your accreditations in an international field adds greater value to your curriculum, as it is already known that both individuals and institutions value international courses and practices as a demonstration of the therapist’s flexibility and adaptability.

The importance of international certifications for a therapist can be so great as to reflect on the remuneration of these professionals, who can receive above average salaries in their service provision for their outstanding position.

Network without leaving home!

What many therapists are unaware of is that you can now obtain international certification for your profession and courses without leaving the country!

Many associations seek to raise the recognition of professionals from different areas at an international level, creating a network of professionals who can exchange experiences and share new techniques and new knowledge from different contexts.

Leverage other careers!

Being certified internationally can increase the demand for courses and training given by international therapists.

The international therapist can train a greater number of professionals, in several languages and give a new perspective on their classes and training. With valid certification, a greater number of people seek to differentiate themselves from the job market through quality materials, which reverberates in the therapist’s demand, since sharing life purposes can be one of the great gratifications of the profession.

Expand to new frontiers!

Being an internationally certified therapist can open new opportunities, such as being selected by a renowned company or institution by standing out among other therapists, working in international institutions and providing training in other countries.

So don’t wait! Being certified internationally can be the next step in that direction you want!

And you, the therapist, have invested in your career? What are the frontiers you have encountered in your work?



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