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  • July 19, 2021

Many professionals seek to qualify to deliver the best results, but what will the mindset of an international therapist look like? Check it out!

What is mindset?

The mindset means a set of premises, methods and notions that a person or groups of people may have about life, its philosophy and the way it interacts with their life goals.

The mindset can be firmly established to the point where it creates a powerful incentive within people or groups to continue to adopt or accept behaviors, choices or tools. Within the group mindset one can find mental inertia and group thinking, which often interfere with the individual’s analysis and decision-making processes.

Types of mindset

More recently, researcher Carol Dweck launched a book called “Mindset: the new psychology of success”, in which the researcher discusses two types of mentality, or mindsets, that directly affect an individual’s performance in relation to their development. See the mindset types:

  • Fixed Mindset: In the fixed mindset, individuals believe that their abilities, intelligence, and talents are fixed personality traits, so they do not believe they can increase their talents and abilities. In this mindset, it is believed that they are born with all the skills they will have throughout their lives. People with a fixed mindset only value their success and end up seeing some opportunities as impossible because they don’t have the necessary skills.
  • Growth Mindset: In the growth mindset, individuals see their failures as reasons to improve and believe they can acquire any skills, just depending on their effort or investment. This mindset allows you to live a less stressful life and more biopsychosocial success.

The mindset of the international therapist

The mindset can be defined as a combination of determination and perseverance. When faced with new horizons and with the possibility of expanding their work as a therapist, these professionals often find themselves paralyzed by a fixed mindset, believing that staying in the comfort zone is the safest way to continue their care.

However, a professional with a growth mindset will continue to expand their horizons, seeking new results and developing new skills that open doors to new results, both for themselves and for their clients.

Thus, the international therapist has a mindset aimed at overcoming obstacles that can take him further.

What does it take to have a successful mindset?

If you want to be a successful therapist with an international mindset, you need to research what skills, proficiency and experience you have to see where you are and where you want to go.

The international therapist needs to be thirsty for growth and understand that personal and professional development never stops! Therefore, update your personal vision about your potential and never stop investing in your growth, beyond borders.


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