Business cards have long been a way to create contacts within a network, be it professional or personal. Many people think that the business card is out of use, while others argue that the internet is the main tool for disseminating work now. But what is the business card for?

What is the business card?

The business card was created to be a small paper, easy to keep in your pocket or wallet, which would contain basic professional contact information: name, position, telephone, company name, email and others.

It is a tool to inform people about how to contact you. It is with him that we managed to create a network and exchange information about your therapeutic branch, a way for people to know about you and your therapeutic practice.

However, with the digital world, the therapist needs to innovate if he wants to stand out in the professional environment. Business card formats have been modernized and other ways of achieving visibility have been formulated.

Digital Business Card

Nowadays, clicking on a link and getting an immediate response is what everyone is looking for: quick and accessible information. Everything is on the internet and a number of professionals have struggled to know where to start.

One way to gain visibility and reach more people is the digital card. In it, you can add photos, personalized themes, email address, link to contact via WhatsApp, address and links to social networks. It is an innovative and efficient way to make your information available, at the click of a button.

The digital card is a means of bringing ties with your customers closer together (such as access to your personal and professional social networks) and promoting more sales (be it your customer service, courses or training).

Step by step

The first step before creating your digital business card is to define the most important information that needs to be arranged in a synthetic way. Excess or lack of information can be harmful when networking.

Think about the visual identity of your card, the colors, the type of font and the theme. Remember that all of this needs to be in accordance with your therapeutic performance and reflect the essence of your practice.

After formulating this, it is necessary to look for websites that allow the creation of business cards and that’s it: make yourself available to expand your networking of contacts and potential customers.

Professional social networks

But it is not just a business card that makes you visible and available to create new bonds and bonds with people. If the therapist is really interested in making himself available to his audience, he needs to make his work visible, using social media so that people can see who you are and what the quality and differentiation of your work is.

Remembering that these are new tools that can be added to the old ones. The ideal is to be accessible and let people know how and where to find your work.


And you, the therapist, what means do you use to publicize your work and make yourself available? Do your customers have access to you?

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