Do you know how a therapist with international reach does to be recognized outside the country of origin? See below for some tips!

Sworn translation

In order for all of your national qualifications and certifications to be valid in other countries and recognized by other institutions outside the country, you must be sure to translate all documents in a sworn manner.

The sworn translation or public translation is the translation done by a translator recognized as sworn, a professional registered with the commercial board of the state of residence and defeat are recognized as the only ones officially recognized by different public institutions and bodies. So, don’t forget your translated documents, so that more comprehensive opportunities can arise and you can further qualify in other areas.

Language certification

One of the main tools for the therapist with international scope is to qualify in several languages, mainly English, none of which have the largest number of content, which can take the professional therapist to other levels. If the therapist seeks to qualify and have his or her level of proficiency recognized, it is necessary to take some validated proficiency test, such as:

  1. TOEFL: the Test of English as a Foreign Language is an exam that aims to assess the potential to speak and understand English, especially at the academic level. When the therapist seeks to enter a university for the country, it is essential to demonstrate his ability to read and understand the local language. It consists of four forms: reading, listening, speaking and writing.
  2. IELTS: the International English Language Testing System, is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English speakers. It is accepted by more than 3,000 academic institutions in the United States alone and by several others worldwide. It is a test divided into the first four: listening, reading, writing and oral communication.

Participation in international events

The courses and congresses in which the therapist participates also say a lot about his journey, his research and career interests, his professional trajectory and his ambitions. Always try to participate in events with an international scope that have been certified after completion, as this can demonstrate that you, the therapist, are interested in working in that area. With the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic, most events, from the largest congresses to symposia, are being held online and occur to interested professionals.

Certify your hours of practice

Another way to be an internationally recognized therapist is to join an institution as an AHDE, to validate your hours of experience, from the beginning of your career to the level of specialist in your area of ​​expertise. A group of associate professionals can enhance your international professional vision as a trusted professional, who seeks to make clear the results he aims to deliver to his client.

Ready! You are already prepared to be an international therapist. Come with AHDE and we will take you further. Become an associate today!



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