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  • March 16, 2021

Do you know the impact of gratitude on your life? When was the last time you felt or showed gratitude? Did you start the day today with thanks? This reflection is for you!

Gratitude is a word derived from the Latin gratus translated as thanks or being grateful. Gratitude is the act of recognizing someone who has done you a benefit, an aid or a favor. It is also related to the recognition of the gifts that life has provided and provides. It is a powerful and transformative feeling and leads us to recognize and value what is significant, and it can be a synonym for positivity and optimism.

It is a powerful and transformative feeling that helps us to identify more and more the good things that happen to us and with those close to us. It is the old maxim that “gratitude breeds gratitude”. It is an attitude that spreads throughout the world and reverberates with a range that we do not always realize. Gratitude makes grateful individuals less anxious for what they don’t have or what they would like to have.

But why be grateful?

We have many reasons to be thankful. Entering the flow of gratitude gives us a greater sense of deserving of what is given to us. It is based on it that we qualify the relationships we have and strengthen our bonds. belonging

How to be more grateful?

  1. Make a list that will help you recognize the good things that happen to you;
  2. Find your way of expressing gratitude;
  3. Do not feel pressured to show your thanks;
  4. Offer a smile or a hug to a stranger;
  5. Show love for the facts that occur, look at them with a new look;
  6. Don’t let yourself be contaminated by negative moments and exercise your resilience;
  7. Praise what you see good in others and in yourself;
  8. Recognize your material comforts and privileges;
  9. Keep your focus on the present without trying to predict the future;
  10. Thank yourself for the achievements you have built.

Cause and effect

In the Universe, everything is energy and the law of cause and effect invites us to reflect on ourselves, our thoughts, emotions, acts and words that we are emitting. “Everything that goes back” So, would you like what happened to you today to continue? Then try to value and demonstrate the results that these events provide you.


If you think you have no reason to be grateful, look around! The Universe is abundant and many are the wonders that surround us. In addition, we are presented with small things every day, often a change of perspective is enough to see.


We can, for example, be grateful for life and for what our body provides us, despite some limitations that we may have. Being grateful to be and to be releases a positive feeling of happiness and self-love.


Do not expect to receive something to be grateful for! Thanking even before receiving makes your body get used to this act so that, consequently, it becomes a habit in your life.

What about you, do you consider yourself a grateful person? Have you noticed the effects of gratitude on your life?

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